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Mastering Strategic Partnerships, Sponsorships & sales intensive
JAN 19-20,  2024 | Blue Mountian, Ontario

Meet your Instructor

Anna Sinclair | Sponsorships Expert

Anna Sinclair- Award-winning entrepreneur, Angel Investor, WXN Top 100 most powerful women in Canada. After decades of closing some of the largest brands and companies in North America, Anna Sinclair has experienced the difference between a yes and a no and has learned and adapted to what truly works to successfully raise dollars for a program.


She is a former entertainment professional (signed pop singer to Universal Music Group, Disney,  actress and casting director) who created a professional platform that supports women personally and professionally through festivals, business summits and entrepreneur initiatives and grants that help women start and grow a successful business while juggling motherhood.


She founded the Canadian Women Entrepreneur Industry Gala (CWEs), which brings together leading companies, top C-suites, founders, entrepreneurs, creators and media to open doors of opportunity for women. Her visionary approach unites the industry, and her disruptive mindset has revolutionized the gala experience, dedicating herself to ensuring more women have a seat at the table.


Her experience working with over 350+ brands gives her the knowledge and experience to touch any aspect of a  project from top to bottom. Anna consults through her firm, Sinclair Creative Agency Inc., advising individuals and consumer lifestyle brands on branding, business strategy, content marketing, and asset development.



Tap into the world of strategic partnerships and learn from sponsorships expert Anna Sinclair in this intimate business retreat experience. Benefit from the insights of two special guests who will delve into the critical aspects of mindset and legalities surrounding contracts and negotiations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the holistic approach required for sales success.


This in-person experience was designed to give you quick actionalable steps with a no-fluff approach that goes through the essential skills and the mindset needed to navigate the complex world of strategic partnerships today that drive results & and close actual dollars.

Anna will run through her signature systems and processes that she swears on and give her the nickname "sponsorships Queen". Walk away with a crystal clear partnership roadmap to prepare, launch and close with your very own custom partnership game plan designed for your program or event from start to finish. This masterclass was specifically curated for women spearheading programs or events, offering a supportive and collaborative environment for learning and growth.


This business trip was mindfully curated to tackle real-time problem-solving tactics and tailored for busy women like yourself who are ready to close their best partnerships yet. The class will host a small group of select businesswomen at Anna's private Chalet location in Blue Mountian followed by a private overnight Hotel experience right in the middle of the Village. You are welcome to bring your family to enjoy day 2 and explore the 4-season destination.

Anna’s Golden Rules: 

  • The Outreach golden quarter, how to avoid the “ our budgets are tight “ chat

  • Networking & and event golden rules and must-haves

  • The LinkedIn game, your profile and connecting no-no’s

  • What not to do in the outreach email and what you save for the call

  • Never take no for an answer - 6 times a charm vs blacklisting

  • Proposal /Pitch deck "hold off" rule

  • Speaker to sponsor Approach

  • Off seasons, bridge financing and women's capital


Expert-Led Training:

Led by a seasoned instructor with a proven track record of raising over 1 Million in sponsorships, this masterclass provides hands-on, real-time training and coaching.

Receive one 30-minute meeting with Anna Sinclair and feedback on their final presentations, decks or emails.

Eligible to attend the private jet mastermind in the Bahamas with a special graduate discount code


Hire Anna down the road for “Fractional Sponsorship Support” limited spots

LinkedIn Endorsement from Anna Sinclair


Sponsorships and Sales Masterclass & Signature Hands-on Training By Anna Sinclair 

“ Pitch Your Heart Out”  Breakouts and one-on-one sessions with Anna. Use this time to go through your pitch, package ideas or anything you want to personally flush and practice.

Before and After | Elevating your offer | Call with Anna & feedback session half hour Feedback & alignment call​

In-person experience with Anna SInclair in Blue Mountian Ontario + network with a small group of powerhouse women who have been accepted into the program

Resources and links to must-have tools/apps that Anna uses

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Qualifying Factors

Join us for this transformative experience, where you'll not only gain valuable sales knowledge but also build a network of like-minded women leaders committed to excelling in the world of sponsorships and sales. Elevate your skills, amplify your impact, and redefine success in strategic partnerships all while indulging in a getaway! 

Upon completion of this masterclass, participants will walk away with: 

Clarity on the nuances of strategic partnerships.
Confidence to navigate sponsorship negotiations with finesse.
Skills to successfully close sponsorship deals for their programs or events.


Anna's Curriculum

Locking in the perfect sponsor lineup 

  • The golden wish list, researching and prospecting phase & networking the right way

  • Finding and reaching out to your dream prospects and how to get them to respond

  • Outreach pipeline and the quick turnaround process

  • LinkedIn vs Instagram vs email 

  • The call and how it should always run

  • How to close big sponsors and get in front of the decision-makers

  • How to get contacts to reply on LinkedIn

  • Where to find your dream sponsors' contact and how to not get blacklisted

  • Outreach and follow-up process that works

  • Tracking the progress through close ( pipeline must have)

  • How to price your program ( don't undersell, don’t oversell)

  • What assets to send & and when ( case studies, decks and when to talk dollars)

  • Creating the pitch/proposal and sending the pitch

  • Post-call must-haves and templates

  • Follow-up etiquette 

  • Closing the deal, your energy and language when closing

  • Contracts, invoices and the dreadful net 50-90 workaround

  • Kick-off call and expectations ( relationship building)

  • Deliverable management and tracking

  • Post-program follow-up and long-term relationship-building

  • Creating an event from your program and creating a program from your event

  • Keeping the blinders on and never recreating something someone is already doing

  • Blue Ocean rules and longevity and reputation.

  • Closing the deal when it's leaning towards a no

  • How to make your offers/deliverables valuable to sponsors and identify what their higher-ups are saying yes to

  • What sponsors care about the audience, ROI and who else is behind it

  • How to land presenting sponsors and large brands

  • Why reaching out with a sponsorship request and package is an automatic no-no

  • Capability Statment & Credentials 

  • Anna’s Go-to documents

  • Anna’s fundamental processes

Creating your sponsorship program & and packages

  • What to avoid, how to name them and comparison charts

  • Do not undervalue your ask or you will be denied for low quality and experience

  • Capability statements

  • One-pager Info Sheets

  • EPK, Press kits

  • Budgets and workbooks

  • Sales playbooks

  • Outreach templates

  • Post call templates

  • Cheat sheets, scripts 

  • What you need to show your partners and sponsors ( and you're not showing it)

  • Info sheet one-pager that lands the call + when the proposal happens

  • Why bronze, silver, or Gold is going to get you a big fat NO or even worse no response

  • How much to ask for and what pricing do your programs look like


Measuring Return & Case Studies are key

  • Impact statements must be met

  • Be super clear on your sponsor's goals so that you know if you met their expectations

  • Always have a kickoff call and partner info sheet/docs

  • Post-partnership call, case study and meeting ( A fun experience is always best to build a longer-term relationship)


Return on Investment

  • What do brands and companies want?

  • The difference between budget and in kind. Starting with big names vs big budgets and working your way up

  • Aligning with the right partner through research and reaching out and understanding their CSR 


Tools For Success

  • Not wasting your money and time on complicated CRMs and mindless outreach

  • Pipeline app, Notetakers AI post proposal savers, Cheat sheets, Bookmark must-haves and Google Drive templates for pre and post-reach out 

  • The Playbook for small teams


Special Guest Speakers

The #WORKATION Experience at Blue



Influencer or small business owner/Event owner

Board Members responsible for sales

Charity or not-for-profit organization owner

An employee of a company or charity

Want to land multi-year deals and have more startup capital


launching a new program/event

You're ready to take an established program/event/experience to the next level

Ready to stop paying out of pocket and start profiting

Avoid repeating the same patterns and yearly struggle and have a strong plan to execute


Dive deep into the intricacies of strategic partnerships, focusing on signature processes and systems that form the foundation of successful sponsorship acquisition.


Those who are advanced at sales and have already closed at least 600k in sponsorships per program. 

Those not ready to put ego aside and forget everything they were taught. The masterclass is structured to guide participants through the entire process, from preparation to execution and negotiation.  You may know some things and for others, you need a reminder. Some tactics are BOLD so come ready to try new things. Engage in an audit and receive valuable feedback from the instructor to refine and enhance your skills.

Fill out the form to apply for this Masterclass 

Champagne in Hot Tub

What it is

  • In-person, small group intimate experience for ambitious women ready to sell + opportunity to learn from Anna Sinclair, an Expert and Master of Developing and landing  Sponsorships and sales

  • Opportunity to express and present your unique challenges, and ideas and walk away with clear next steps, processes and must-know systems.

  • Real-time feedback and Audit on your current plan, assets and direction

  • Unlearn horrible advice that has led you to lose $$ while the next person lands

  • Access to inside secrets and how-to from Anna’s Golden rules, tactics and methods to land 6-7 figure sponsorships no matter what the economic situation is

  • Together we will learn, ask questions and solve problems while gaining an understanding and insight into Anna's top processes including how to navigate calls, handle your outreach, negotiate and strategic planning in preparation to hit your targets & and gain a stronger sense of the direction, and feedback on your established or new program ideas and assets and run through real-life examples and precious success case studies and examples to show how Anna closes the deal.

Students in Cafeteria
White Powder

What it isn't

  • Long videos and homework and more to-do’s that you don't have time for

  • A warm and fuzzy women's day…it will be warm and we will bond, but we are going to get to business because this is an investment as much as it's a vacation so we call it a #workation.

What you will gain...

  • Confidence with your pitches, proposals and asking for the money 

  • Clarity around your sponsorship program and its clear approach

  • Stronger understanding of what works and doesn’t in today’s sponsorship landscape

  • Best practices, rid yourself of dated old-school sales tactics and approach your sales/sponsorships mindfully and purposefully which translates to revenue and national support for your program

  • Fundamental documents and processes to roll out a sponsorship program and lock in the companies you are proud to align with to support your project


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Meet up with the ladies for a late night drinks & Dip in the hot tub.

Exclusive networking & and bonding VIP DINNER Experience at O&B  overlooking Blue Mountian Village parched right next to the holiday light trail experience & Blue Mountian Village letters. 

All guests go home with a  + Leather Michael Kors Travel tag & VIP bag.

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 3.12.14 PM.png

Explore the "Villiage" featuring restaurants, pubs/bars, shops and fun activities.

Both the Chalet and Hotel are located just a few minutes to and around the village of Blue Mountian which features an array of shops, restaurants, skiing/snowboarding, candy shop, Starbucks, hiking, ice cream, bars and all kinds of amazing things.

Feel free to write this off as a business expense and take advantage of the hotel's special rate to bring the family and enjoy the following day in the Mountian with family and friends. #workation​​

Sauna Room

Access to the Private Chalet & and its Amenities ( Outdoor Hot Springs Sauna, Outdoor hot pool in the trees during masterclass free time.

Access to the gym and sauna + Change rooms & and showers etc. ​

Breakfast, Coffee, lunch  & and VIP dinner are included in the experience.


Parking is located conveniently just out front of the door to the Chalet so you can hop out and join us with no stress.

Downtime to experience relaxation and rejuvenation ( hot tub, warm pool, sauna break)

VIP gifting Surprises to pamper you during your visit and elevate your experience & keep the good vibes going ( Who doesn’t love a VIP bag? )

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 3.09.12 PM.png

Example Schedule



10:00 AM 


Arrivals at the private chalet,  Registration, Headshots & Breakfast Networking.

Enjoy some Coffee, an Assortment of refreshments and morning Bites, get your headshots done and meet the other ladies in the experience. An assortment of Starbucks coffee, organic tea, Juices, water, Bagels, croissants, fruit, parfaits & and yogurt. The private chalet location we are meeting at is quietly nestled in Blue Mountian located just under 2 hours from Toronto.


10:45 AM- 11:00 AM 


Welcome reception & Kick Off. Grab a seat at our harvest tables located in the center of the chalet sun-kissed through 360 windows overlooking the hot springs and pool as we dive into introductions followed by the work.




2 PM - 2:45 PM   Lunch & Networking


3-5 pm sessions


6:00 PM Break + Free time

*Use this time to get ready at the Shed Or Your hotel for the VIP dinner experience


7:30 PM | VIP dinner at Oliver & Bonacini 


Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality is recognized as one of Canada’s leading restaurant and event groups. This chic Blue Mountain eatery in the upscale Westin Trillium House is custom-built for mountain dining and offers an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner selection, as well as some seriously indulgent culinary experiences.


8:30 Onwards

Post Dinner Drinks, Village hopping & Good Times

Explore the village on a Friday night. Tons of places to go for live music, drinks, warm-up by the fire, shops and pubs.bars including Twist, Mother Tounge, Wild Wing, Kaytoo & and more.




FRIDAY JAN 19-20, 2024

Day 1 is jam-packed with Masterclass sessions, VIP dinner and 1-1 feedback. Day 2 is all about exploring Blue and rejuvenation.

Location Of Masterclass

The Private Chalet address will be shared with registered guests and accommodations will be located minutes from the Chalet in Blue Mountian, Ontario, which is under 2 hours north of Toronto.



Are you a brand or speaker with influence who wants to partner up on an upcoming retreat??

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