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Announcing TOP 100 Canada’s Total Mom Pitch

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Presented by The Scotiabank Women Initiative™ powered by Visa Canada, This national initiative is breaking down barriers that women face when it comes to launching and growing their business – a crucial factor in helping the Canadian economy thrive.

We are so proud.

This month, all across Canada, moms sat down and took a chance on something they truly believe in. They took control of their situation, and invested in themselves and their futures. We are absolutely honoured to announce that over 700 women nationally have applied for Canada’s first annual Total Mom Pitch!

The program highlights female founders who own a small business while supporting all applicants from around the country to tap into Canada's best resources through the Total Mom Small Business Bundle. Canada’s Total Mom Pitch presented by Total Mom Inc, in partnership with The Scotiabank Women Initiative™ & powered by Visa Canada .

Our applicants barely know one another and have already been supporting one another by truly showing the spirit of women supporting women. Together, we continue to show up, grow and learn to trust one another by letting go of past experiences that no longer serve us. The truth is when we come together and truly give, we receive as well.

Between connecting and voting for one another, we have seen these incredible women supporting complete strangers across the country. The common thread that has brought us together has been motherhood & business.

So in light of that, we started a closed FB group called Total Mom Business mom entrepreneurs from coast to coast are connecting and sharing their stories.

We are seeing the network grow, the community come together and this is the start of something special. Something we didn’t realize would come together THIS BIG thanks to each and every one of you showing up and standing for your passion projects knowing the impact that you are making.

This is why we strive to connect ambitious moms with successful female leaders who will help them see potential gaps in their start-up, and avoid expensive mistakes and heartaches.

Semi-finalists will get to highlight their business in front of women in leadership from some of Canada’s largest business ecosystems.

Without further ado, these are our OFFICIAL TOP 100 Canadian businesses for Canada’s Total Mom Pitch!!

These 100 moms are one step closer to receiving $10,000 cash towards growing their business, and $20,000 of business services to help them move strategically and successfully along the way! Along with this is the opportunity to make connections with investors, powerful introductions and genuine connections with other moms going through this as well!

THE TOP 100!

1. Beth Shuman - 8 Faces

2. Jolene MacDonald - Accessibrand

3. Banyk Chia - Alternative Legal Service Firm Incorporated

4. Kelly Swartz - Awoken Beauty

5. Azetta Young - Azetta Design Studio

6. Alexandra Fell - Baby Float Spa

7. Dinah Ener - bathintentions Inc

8. Marina Phillips - Bébé Station Inc

9. Lara Proud - Beyond The Bump Education

10. Janna Hattingh - Booby Food

11. Aliya Dhalla - Box Wellness Co

12. Sandra Tannous - Catchu

13. Elaina Mansourian - Chatterbox Family

14.Tanya Thomson - Chewelry & Babe

15.Chloe McKenzie - Chloe McKenzie International

16. Sabrina Adair - Enabling Adaptations

17. Jody Swain - Hire and Fire your Kids

18. Ayanna Lee Rivears - Sociacize Fitness

19. Melita Cyril - Q for Quinn Inc

20. Jenelle Peterson - Wild Life Adventures Ltd.

21. Lerri-Ann Williams- Nurturing Village Co

22. Cheryl Edwards - Zingha

23. Lanna Lucas - Hunter Browns

24. Tara McGee - Collingwood Psychotherapy and Yoga Centre

25. Madison McBay - Tamvoes Health Inc.

26. Emily Fan - Leevo

27. Jacqueline Villeneuve-Ahmed - She Matters Co

28. Courtney St Croix - MOMFIDENT Media

29. Michelle Kelsey - Nannies on Call

30. Jennifer Lam - Discover Coding

31. Lindsay Piché - Mother and Nature

32. Suzanne Tyson -

33. Stephanie Florio - Swob Inc

34. Allison Venditti - Ready to Return by Careerlove

35. Sarah Healey - luxe.zen

36. Jackie Kwitko - Fressy Bessy

37. Lyndsay Arsenault - The Working Mom Initiative

38. Julia Slanina - Treehouse Medical

39. Jill Van Gyn - Fatso Peanut Butter

40. Amy Syed - Find your HCP

41. Allison Carroll - Spark U

42. Jenn Newark - Pet Grocer Inc.

43. Romy Schill - Revolution Wool Company

44. Melanie Sutherland - Melanie Sutherland Healthcare Inc. / Body Co

45. Janet MacDonald - mycampus GPS Education Consulting

46. Kate Roddy - The Kegel Release Curve

47. Elaine Li - Iremia Skincare

48. Natacha Rey - Maison Apothecare Inc.

49. Melanie Cote - Do Good Donuts

50. Stefanie Loukes - Rabbittown Beverage Co

51. Angela VanKessel - Cultivated Ecosystems

52. Lisa Orchard - Scribe Technical Writers and Editors

53. Anya Soto - Culture Crafters

54. Litsa Dantzer - Law Job Exchange

55. Lydia Li - Lydia Li Consulting Inc.

56. Jennifer Murray - Eire’s Leanai - Ultimate Baby Bags

57. Mariam Nouser - Infinitely Classic Inc

58. Sarah Baldeo - ID Quotient Advisory

59. Jumjury Hemmerich - Kits Scrubs Inc

60. Una Mrdja - Una Mikulic Behavioural Consulting & Family Support

61. Meghan Chomut - Meghan Chomut, CFP®

62. Audrey Dupuy - Sweet’n’Sassy Vegan treats

63. Sarah Wade - Wild Life Forest School

64. Donna Furnival - Therapeutic Pilates

65. Bliss Prema - Conscious Evolver™ Enterprises