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Meet Team Total Mom

Total Mom Inc. is a social enterprise and media company that produces global transformative programs, events, products and services taking moms from overwhelmed to supported both personally and professionally.

Meet the leadership team behind Total Mom Inc.  

Our small but mighty team is comprised of award-winning professionals & passionate leaders

on a mission to empower millions of parents worldwide to access personal and professional programs

& event experiences while accessing the power of the community. Our mission is to grow a global platform and community network in every country that supports moms to grow and scale a profitable & impactful business, one mom at a time.

Meet The Team

IMG_0333 2.JPG

Anna Sinclair

Founder & CEO (Global)

Jenelle headshot.jpeg

Jenelle Gummesen

Executive Assistant


Brandon Sinclair

SVP Strategic Partnerships (GLOBAL) 

"Total Mom is standing for all who consider themselves a mom to access transformation and support in all areas of their life"
- Founder & CEO Total Mom Inc.
Anna Sinclair


Anna Sinclair is a super mom,  award-winning entrepreneur, early-stage investor, and agency owner on a mission to help more moms start their own businesses.  She is the founder and CEO of Total Mom Inc. that grew a business from scratch and turned it into a massive brand that has 17M + reach across Canada & the US and a growing network of  20k+ moms, making it recognized as one of the fastest-growing online business communities of moms by Forbes. After having children, advancing professionally as an entrepreneur made the uphill journey remarkably harder and sparked a serious vision to help moms to live a life they love while building successful businesses.

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